Monday, July 25, 2016

Lost and Found /Picture Gallery

Lost and Found /Picture Gallery

This section contains details of cats and kittens which have gone missing - their owners are desperate to have them back.

In each case, the information will stay on this section for six months, unless we receive a request for it to remain.
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Lost - British Short Haired - Grangetown/Leckwith area

Hi, our British Short-hair Brian is missing from the Leckwith / Grangetown area near Bessemer Rd market. He's grey/ lilac with amber eyes and some very faint rings/ stripes along his body and tail. He's 10 months old and inexperienced with being outdoors. He's much loved and we are desperate to have him home. Please help by checking gardens, sheds and any other enclosed spaces. If you see him please let me know:
Thank you

Found - Old Tortie girl Cf15/Morganstown area

Quite an elderly tortie and white cat found in Cf15/ Morganstown area. She is not microchipped. Any information please email Thank you x

Friday, July 22, 2016

Meg missing from home in Whitchurch

Meg went missing from home in Whitchurch last Sunday. Lovely old girl 13 and has lost her voice. She has been microchipped and neutered WE have searched and searched and put out posters. Please message us if you have any information. Thank you

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Jack missing from Heath area Cardiff,

Jack missing from Heath area Cardiff, not neutered not microchipped. Please email if you have any information. Thank you

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

found black and white cat - He was microchipped and has been Re united with his owner

I found this cat in my garage yesterday. Didn't know how long it had been there so gave it some food. The cat was in the garden when I went to bed last night and still there when I got up this morning. 
I was told at lunchtime that the cat had gone but it was in the garage when I got home this evening. I'm not sure if it can get out once it's in.
It's very friendly and comfortable with humans but not so happy around our dogs or cats. The cat seems to be in good health apart from a slightly bald patch on its ankle. It doesn't seem like a stray but someone's pet.
Would you be able to post the picture in the hope that someone claims him. We're in the Cf14 postcode. please email us if you have any information

Monday, June 20, 2016

Great news He is back home

Missing from Railway Street/Swinton Street. Please check your garden; under bushes, in sheds, anywhere a cat may hide. The cat is 5years old and is microchipped.
If spotted please call 07941646623

Missing Black and White cat Tylorstown

Missing cat

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Old neutered black and white male cat found Pentwyn area

We took this old cat in yesterday from the Pentwyn area. We have called him Fred. He was found as a stray. He needed a dental as his mouth was in a bit of a state which The Cardiff Cat Clinic carried out along with a health check. He is a old boy but he had been neutered and he appears to have a mark around his neck which may mean he had a collar on before so he might be owned. He is so sweet and he has a lovely cuddly nature. If you think this maybe your poor old puss please message us. Thank you x

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Tabby girl found - New House Country Hotel in Thornhill

Today we took in a lovely big tabby girl off our waiting list. She has been advertised on South Wales Lost and Found sometime ago and as yet no one has claimed her. She was found as a stray at The New House Country Hotel in Thornhill. She had already been neutered and is friendly although a little shy so at sometime we feel she would have been owned.